Budget cuts are a necessity for any successful business; however, when making these cuts, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish by cutting too much of your training budget.  As technologies and best practices change, employees need to be trained and sometimes refreshed on key topics.  Sometimes tenured employees are promoted to management but they fail miserably because they lack the management experience and training.  There are several key benefits of training employees:

  1. Increased productivity:  W’with training, comes more self-confidence and a better way for someone to do his/her job.  When someone knows how to best do their job, they are better equipped to handle any challenges or bottlenecks that arise.   
  2. Improved employee retention:  When you train key employees, you are investing in their ability to learn & grow.  Many employees appreciate the investment and are more willing to stay longer in a job because of the investment.
  3. Improved job satisfaction:  Training can help keep employees engaged in their job.  Engaged employees have a higher productivity rate and are more willing to bring new and fresh ideas to the table.
  4. Improved succession plan:  With training, you have more people who know how to do a task or a job.  Spreading knowledge around an organization is like diversifying your investments or not having all your eggs in one basket.

Training doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just make sure the training is relevant to the employee’s job or needed skill set.  Training has a cost but it is much less than replacing an employee.  Training is a great way to drive employee retention and increase productivity.  ATA Employment Solutions offers a variety of relevant and affordable training that can be tailored for a specific business’s need.

β€œAn investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”―Benjamin Franklin

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