ATA-Employment Solutions joined GROWWTH – Growing Relational and Occupational Wealth in West Tennessee Households is the result of a community partnership led by the University of Memphis upon being awarded a TN Opportunity Pilot Initiative Implementation Grant in the amount of $25,000,000 to improve outcomes for West TN low-income families.  The goal of GROWWTH is to eliminate key barriers to self-sufficiency for low-income individuals in the West TN region.  

Implementation of the initiative began November 2022 and continues through the next three years.  It is the goal of the project team to have at least four employer representatives from each of the local workforce areas in West TN to provide guidance throughout the grant, ensure the grant’s work readiness and training programs align with the skills needed by employers, identify supportive services needed to address barriers of grant participants to enable them to obtain and maintain employment, and help connect program graduates to open positions. 

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